About Aaron

Art has always been with me since I could remember, but I never pursued it thinking it was a fun pass-time activity. I graduated highschool and attended Langara College where I took classes in the sciences to become a avionic engineer. That was my goal for the longest time due to my interest in avionics. I had back-up plans if things did not work out, for example; joining the Canadian Air Force, joining the Coast Guard (due to my experience as a lifeguard), and pursuing a career in the arts.

Of course Avionic Engineering did not work out and through other milestones in my life I found my passion for art coming back. I then attended VCAD (the Visual College of Art & Design) where I graduated with a diploma in 3D Animation and Modeling.

I now have a new goal where I want to become a environment/asset modeler and further my skills in environment design in the CG industry, preferably in gaming. Though I am not limited to those roles where I can expand my talent as a lighter/compositor. I will use all new and existing knowledge to better develop my strengths in my desired field in hopes to reach the level of quality that I admire from so many professionals. 

My LinkedIn profile is here

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